The Secret Life of Fun

Oceans Playtesting Files Open to Everyone November 13 2018, 7 Comments

Two weeks ago, we made a call to get playtesters for the next game in the Evolution series, Oceans.  Our plan was to get 100 dedicated playtesters.  To our surprise we received over 1,200 submissions! 

Playtesters needed for the next game in the award-winning Evolution series October 29 2018, 7 Comments

The most massive project North Star Games has ever tackled is starting to surface. After going dark for nearly a year, the next stand-alone game in the Evolution series is finally coming up for air. 

All deep games are legacy games (and other ways to think about depth) January 30 2018, 3 Comments

At North Star Games, we love designing deep games. But it's getting harder to justify doing it, because depth may be out of fashion a little. So we've decided to evangelize for it. Here are three ways to understand the great pleasures of depth.