Following the North Star

Happy Planet Games, in which we attempt to concentrate fun into pure fun diamonds May 16 2018, 0 Comments

Here we introduce our newest line of games: Happy Planet Games. These are games where in each, we try to distill the essence of some kind of fun to its absolute limit. We're trying to bend the laws of game physics here.

dude - it's a game where you say dude March 20 2018, 8 Comments

Ever since we published the extremely doofy game Happy Salmon, we've come to appreciate the value of doofiness, and that, in turn, has inspired us to explore other doofy game ideas. 

In the course of our exploration, we found a game of such profound, undiluted doofiness that we feel we have no choice but to publish it (possibly against our better judgement). I'm writing today with a sneak preview. 

The neurobiology of Happy Salmon, the most ridiculous game in the world January 16 2018, 2 Comments

Happy Salmon is a hit party game known for being very, very silly. But it's more than that. It does something powerful and unique among games, and it’s actually a serious and important thing.