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Paint the Roses is currently available to pre-order, with anticipated shipping in August 2022.

Paint the Roses is a 2-5 player cooperative puzzle game set in the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.

  • PERFECT FOR PUZZLE LOVERS: Can you outsmart the Queen of Hearts? Work together using logic, deduction and discussion to outsmart the Queen and finish the Royal Gardens. 
  • TILE PLACEMENT: Place tiles in the garden to help your friends and family solve the Queens Whims, secret cards that make up a fun, engaging and challenging puzzle.
  • EASY TO LEARN: Simple rules contain deep strategy and challenge. New players can watch, learn, help or join the game at any time!
  • AUTO BALANCING DIFFICULTY: Play with easy, medium or hard cards, with no change to setup. With a unique auto balancing difficulty, the game is challenging for new or experienced players.
  • STRATEGY BOARD GAME: Each tile placed into the garden takes you one step closer to victory, but make one mistake too many and the Queen will shout “Off with their heads!”.


You and your teammates have been appointed the new Royal Gardeners for the Queen of Hearts. Unfortunately, the promotion comes with an occupational hazard.

Fail to arrange the garden according to the Queen's changing whims and the last thing you hear will be, "Off With Their Heads!".

Each player holds a secret card showing how the Queen wants the garden to be arranged. Players take turns adding shrub tiles to the garden, giving clues to help the team solve the constantly changing puzzle.

Featuring a game system that automatically adapts to your skill, Paint the Roses provides an exciting challenge for new and experienced players.

Use strategy, discussion, and deduction to reveal the Queen’s design and stay one step ahead of her eager axe.

  • Click here to buy Deluxe edition of Paint the Roses.
  • Click here to buy the Escape the Castle Expansion.
  • Click here to download the Paint the Roses rulebook.
  • Click here to watch a How to Play tutorial video.

Retail Edition Contents: 1 Garden board, 32 Shrub tiles, 1 Greenhouse board, 132 Whim cards, 30 Clue tokens, 3 Notepads, 3 Character miniatures, 4 Flower tokens, 1 Velvet bag, 1 Royal Log Notebook.