more dude

Ages: 13+   |   Players: 3-6   |  

It's another game where you say "dude". 

The goal is to quickly find matches for as many of your cards as you can.

To play, you say the word "dude" as you think the character on your card would say the word "dude". At the same time, listen to how the other players are saying the word "dude".  The person who gets the most correct matches is the winner!

Contents: 72 Cards (12 surfer dude cards, 12 robot dude cards, 12 pizza box dude cards, 12 pirate dude cards, 12 ghost dude cards, 12 cowboy dude cards),  1 Rulebook
Watch more dude in Action


If six players aren't enough, check out one more dude. This adds a seventh player to the game.