Get (and review) a copy of our upcoming game Most Wanted months before it comes out

Ages: 10+   |   Players: 2-8   |  

Would you like to play and review a game before it goes on sale? Through this page, you can!

We have 50 pre-release press copies of our upcoming game Most Wanted. Instead of sending them to press as we normally do, we're letting you purchase them here (order below). In exchange, we ask:

  • You play the game, ideally a bunch of times 
  • You post a thoughtful review (video or text) publicly online on July 16 (but not before), and share your review everywhere (social media, BGG, other forums, etc.)
  • There are secrets in the game and we ask that you not spoil 'em in your review (if you find 'em). 

This offer is first come, first serve, and it's the honor system. We hope you help make this experiment work.

Most Wanted

Most Wanted is a western-themed game where you compete to become the most notorious outlaw. The more notorious you get, the more bail money you'll need when your “perfect” plan goes sideways. The first player to get an unlucky 13 points has the dubious honor of winning. Go get ’em partner!

Most Wanted is a poker-style game which plays equally well with 2 – 8 players. It takes about 15 minutes to play with 2 players and about 30 minutes to play with 8 players. 

Contents: 1 Score Board, 72 Playing Cards, 8 Player Tokens with Standees, 63 Money Bag Tokens, 6 Action Tiles, 1 Rulebook


Note:  This is a pre-production copy.  Some components may change.