Say Anything (10th Anniversary)

Ages: 13+   |   NSG-201   |   Players: 4-8   |  

Say Anything is about you. You get to decide how witty, weird, or wild you want to be. Each round, players answer a question like "What would make next weekend more exciting?" or "When's the worst time to burst out laughing?" After the answers are revealed, the judge secretly picks their favorite answer and everyone else tries to guess which one the judge picked.

This 10th Anniversary Edition features 400 questions, including 180 new questions and the 220 most popular questions from the original game.

How to Play

  1. You read a question.
  2. Everyone else writes an answer.
  3. Secretly choose your favorite answer. Then everyone else tries to guess which one you picked!
Contents: 80 Question Cards, 8 Dry Erase Pens with Erasers, 8 Dry Erase Answer Boards, 16 Tokens, 1 Dry Erase Scoreboard, 1 Full Color Rules
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