Paint the Roses

5 Great Co-op Board Games for Puzzle Fans

To celebrate the launch of Paint the Roses, our new cooperative puzzle board game set in the world of Alice in Wonderland, we’ve put together a list of 5 great co-op puzzle games for you to try at your next game night.

There are countless more tabletop games we could have listed but these recommendations are tried and tested, staying in our collection for years to come. Let us know what would make your list in the comments below.

Chronicles of Crime board game

Chronicles of Crime

Chronicles of Crime is a series of cooperative games that cast you and your team as detectives investigating different mysteries. Visit locations, interrogate suspects and examine crime scenes, combining a phone app with board game components. Each component includes a QR code, allowing you to question suspects about specific items or individuals or use VR to look around locations for clues. The series has expanded to include different eras, each giving a different spin on the fun but always an accessible puzzle.

Hanabi Deluxe board game


Hanabi is a cooperative card game where players try to create the perfect firework show. For your show to succeed, you’ll collectively need to play the game cards in the correct order. The card deck consists of five colors featuring the numbers 1-5, with each player holding a hand of cards. Here is where things get tricky. Everyone can see your cards except you. To solve this puzzle, you’ll have to give each other hints, figure out when each of you should play your cards, and hopefully complete the show! 

Spirit Island board game

Spirit Island

If you love a challenge, then look no further than Spirit Island. This is a thematic cooperative game and the most complex title on the list. Players play the role of spirits, defending their home from colonizing invaders. Each spirit has its own unique powers and will be gaining new power cards to use during the game to fight off the incoming forces. Your position is perilous right from the start, and you’ll have to balance expanding your influence over the island with scaring away the very real threat of the new intruders.

The Mind card game

The Mind

The Mind is a simple but unique card game where you work together to play cards in numerical order. The catch here is the cards you hold are secret and you aren’t allowed to exchange any information. Stare into each other's eyes until you feel it's your turn to play, then place your lowest card on the table. If yours was the next lowest in order play continues, if it wasn’t your team loses a life. The Mind must be experienced to be understood and is sure to be a conversation maker at game night.

Paint the Roses board game

Paint the Roses

Paint the Roses is a cooperative puzzle game of logic, deduction, and discussion. You and your teammates have been appointed the new Royal Gardeners for the Queen of Hearts.

Unfortunately, the promotion comes with an occupational hazard. Fail to arrange the garden according to the Queen's changing whims, and the last thing you hear will be, "Off With Their Heads!".

Place tiles in the garden to share clues about the Queens Whims, secret cards each player holds that make up a fun and challenging puzzle. Simple rules contain deep strategy and an intricate puzzle you'll be unraveling game after game. Continually sharing information is key to your success. With a unique auto-balancing difficulty, the game challenges new and experienced players.

Thanks for reading our list, and if you'd like to see more board game recommendations be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Paint the Roses is available now through our website, Amazon, or from your local friendly gaming store.

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  • James Taylor: June 13, 2023

    I recently tried out Hanabi and it quickly became a favorite in my game collection. The cooperative gameplay adds a fun twist to traditional card games, and the unique mechanics of having to give clues to other players about their cards adds an extra level of challenge. Thanks to the recommendation from “”, I was able to discover this amazing game.

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