A game of adapting to dynamic ecosystems from the designer of Evolution and Oceans.

Oceans: Legendary Edition

Includes deluxe components plus two new expansions.


The King is Dead! Can you claim the throne?

Host Your Own Trivia Party

History's most award-winning trivia game is back in stock!

Eila and Something Shiny

A story-rich adventure where your choices change the outcome!

Welcome to NorthStar Game Studio

Here at NorthStar we have a simple but bold vision: to create board games worth passing on to the next generation.
By combining intuitive, highly replayable experiences with the best art and components, we’ll build worlds you want to explore.

Legends of the Deep

Discover mythology and fantasy from around the world, and unlock powerful new strategies in this expansion to Oceans.

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Seek influence, spy on the competition, and tip the courts in your favor to win your rightful place on the throne.

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Paint the Roses

Can you outsmart the Queen of Hearts in this cooperative puzzle board game?

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Eila and Something Shiny

Solve puzzles and overcome challenges in this story-rich adventure, where your choices decide the ending!

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