What is it?

Our Preferred Partner Program is our way of offering special promotions and items to our favored retail partners who work with us to market and promote our games.  Given that we are now releasing 4-5 games every year, we now have enough opportunities to make a program like this work. 

Preferred Partners will get access to any promotion we run, whether it is a special for Toy Fair, pre-release specials, holiday promotions, or special products and items.  Stores not in the program can buy our products as normal, just without any discounts or any other benefits they might otherwise receive from our promotions.  Nor will they get access to special promotional items we will have from time to time.  For instance, this year it will be the retailer only alternative art Carnivore card for our game Evolution. 


How do I join?

It is super easy.  There is no fee and never will be.  Just fill out the form in the link below and abide by the terms and conditions (there are only two).  Once we confirm the information provided by the form, you are a Preferred Partner!


If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at sales@northstargames.com