Nature is Calling

Nature launches on Kickstarter in September 2024, but you can play it right now.

Keep reading as game designer Dominic Crapuchettes takes you on a journey into the creation of Nature.



Discover the Wonders of Nature

Hello! I'm Dominic, the designer of Nature and founder of NorthStar Game Studio. I'm here today to share a huge project I’ve been dreaming up for the past decade. 

Nature combines lessons from my days as a pro-Magic player and everything I’ve learned from 12 years as lead designer of the award-winning Evolution series. It’s an interactive strategy game that manages to be gentle despite the player interaction. 


Nature Board Game Art - Plated

The Theme of Nature

In Nature, you adapt species in a shared ecosystem. Each species has a specific size and unique attributes that help it survive. Your species need to adapt to the changing environment to grow their population and thrive.

Nature Board Game Art - Opportunistic

 Like in real life, they need to eat, but they also need to avoid being eaten. 

Nature Board Game Art - Predatory


The Nature Modular System

Nature is a modular game system that allows you to build and explore a unique ecosystem each time you play.

The core of Nature takes 45 minutes to play, but you can add modules to increase the complexity and length of the game. Modules add new cards and mechanics, dramatically changing the game, needing less than 5 minutes to set up and teach. My favorite part is that each module is designed to appeal to a different type of gamer.  Let me tell you more about them.

Nature Board Game - Jurassic Module

Return to an Age of Giants

Add the Jurassic module to stomp around the world with gigantic creatures.

Jurassic creates a more aggressive ecosystem in which apex predators can assert dominance even while smaller species flourish in overlooked hidden crevices. The Jurassic module appeals to people who like fighting games (it’s my son’s favorite module).

Nature Board Game - Flight Module

Soar to the Skies

Add the Flight module to experience the freedom of flight!

Flight allows you to evade predators by soaring high into the sky and migrating to a safe haven breeding ground. The Flight module creates a less aggressive ecosystem for people who don’t like direct conflict in their games. 

Nature Board Game - Natural Disasters Module

Witness the Power of Mother Nature

Add the Natural Disasters module for jaw-dropping events that will generate memorable stories.

Natural Disasters creates a more chaotic ecosystem that levels the playing field, forcing experienced players to adapt and reminding people they are not in full control of their destinies. The Natural Disasters module is for gamers who care more about the stories that get shared than who wins.

Nature Board Game - Arctic Tundra Module

Journey to the Edge of the Livable World

Add the Arctic Tundra module to experience life at the fringes of the habitable world.

In Arctic Tundra, animals struggle to maintain a healthy population in a harsh environment where the bitter cold conspires against every living thing. The Arctic Tundra module appeals to gamers who like a brutal challenge in their games.  

Nature Board Game - Rainforest Module


Discover the Mysteries of the Rainforest

Add the Rainforest module to discover the mysteries of the rainforest, where surprises are concealed behind every leaf in the canopy.

Rainforest creates an ecosystem bursting with population. It also introduces hidden card play, reflecting the uncertainty that lurks behind every leaf. The Rainforest module is for players who enjoy mystery, deduction, and bluffing in their games. 

Nature Board Game - Module Images

Nature Offers Endless Possibilities

Each module brings a unique experience to the table, but it’s the diversity of these experiences that makes mixing and matching the modules so fascinating to me. Every combination gives you a unique world to explore!

NorthStar Game Studio - Worlds to Explore

The Future of Nature

We will release 1 - 2 modules each year for the next decade. The Climate module and the Disease module will be released in 2026. Other modules in the pipeline include the Sahara Desert, Insects & Bugs, the Nocturnal World, Rivers & Lakes, and Fire Breathing Dragons.

Nature Board Game - Clawed Art

Although the Nature game system will mostly focus on the natural world, the possibilities are endless. Let us know which concepts appeal to you or suggest another exciting concept to add to our list!

Nature Board Game - Clawed Art

Evolution Has Evolved

Nature started as random insights in a sketchbook filled with ideas for Evolution expansions.

Nature Board Game - Social Art Sketch

These insights were about improving Evolution based on sticking points expressed in forums. However, most of these insights couldn’t be implemented within the Evolution game structure and instead became the seeds that slowly blossomed into the Nature game system.

Nature Board Game - Social Sketches
  • Nature is much less aggressive than Evolution.
  • The traits in Nature are better balanced than Evolution. 
  • The core game of Nature is simple enough to teach less seasoned gamers for a more welcoming introduction.
  • Unlike Evolution, in Nature you can combine modules to create exciting new combinations of cards and mechanics. 
    Nature Board Game - Social Art

    The core game of Nature is a simple and inviting gateway, but the game system provides an explosion of content when you start mixing and matching the modules. Each new module provides an exponential number of combinations. When the 6th module is released, instead of providing one new experience, it will provide 15 new experiences, and the 7th module will provide 34 additional ways to play!

    Nature Board Game - Social Art

    Nature allows you to create a unique experience built specifically for your friends. With so much control built into the system, getting a game off the shelf and to the table has never been easier. 

    Nature Board Game - Tusked Art

    Be the First to Play Nature  

    Nature will launch on Kickstarter in Sept 2024 with a worldwide release in 2025, but you can play it right now.

      Join the NorthStar discord community to answer rules questions, get the PnP files, and chat with the community about Nature.

      Nature Board Game - Fast Art

      We’re Looking for a Few Good Playtesters 

      We’re building an official Nature playtesting team to help refine the balance of the Nature game system over the next decade.  Although we’ve done extensive testing of each module, we are still discovering powerful new strategies by combining modules. We need a dedicated playtesting team to work with the NorthStar development team. Let’s polish this fledgling into a powerful blockbuster!

      NorthStar Facebook Live

      Facebook Live & Reddit AMA

      Join Ross and I on Facebook live at 12:00 EST on Wednesday 10th April to answer questions and share more about this blog. Or join me on Thursday at 2 pm for a Board Game Reddit AMA where you can ask me anything.

      Nature Board Game - Scavengers Art

      The NorthStar Blog Series

      In my last blog, I talked about the rise and fall of North Star Games: how we sold over 4.5 million games, grew to 30 employees, and then imploded. And how NorthStar Studios is rising out of the ashes like a phoenix with a new vision for the future. 

      Next month, we will explore one of the Nature modules. Let us know which module you want to hear about next!


      • Dominic Crapuchettes: May 21, 2024

        It hasn’t been finalized, but I think the plan is to have German, French, and possibly Spanish translations of the rules available during the Kickstarter campaign.

      • Ross @NorthStar: May 21, 2024

        @Kelly – Solo will be included!
        @Salomon – We’re looking at translations at the moment!

      • Kelly: May 21, 2024

        Please consider including solo play components in the box rather than a separate print and play. Thank you.

      • Ross NorthStar: May 15, 2024

        The Kickstarter will be in English.

      • Salomon BRYS: May 15, 2024

        Exciting !
        Will the Kickstarter be English only or will there be translations ?
        I am specifically interested in the French language.

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