We're turning our fans into reviewers, and you can get a game of ours months before it's published June 12 2018, 8 Comments

Before they release games, publishers like us send pre-release copies to reviewers.

And those reviewers get to have a good time. They get to play all the games long before anyone else and present them to the rest us like future-divining shamans. The popular reviewers float through convention halls with contrails of groupies (reviewer groupies exist btw) as publisher after publisher tries to catch their eyes with hopeful, upturned faces. It's good to be a reviewer. 

It occurred to us there might be a fun opportunity here. What if we could give our fans a taste of what that's like? We can't provide groupies (lacking any ourselves), but we can send an unpublished game to a small group of fans to review it and crow (or complain) about it before the world. 

Interested? Let's try it. 

We have a game coming this summer called Most Wanted. It's a loose, zippy filler for 2 to 8 players that takes the core fun of hand bluffing and makes a doublethinky, thematic game of it - you're an outlaw raising hell in an old west border town. It's great for families and friends, even those who don't play games all the time. 

If you think that’s a cool concept and you'd like to review it, you can be one of 50 fans to preorder and receive a press copy of Most Wanted before it’s published. In return we ask:

  • You play the game, ideally a bunch of times. 
  • You post a thoughtful review (video or text) publicly online on July 16 (but not before), and share your review everywhere (social media, BGG, other forums, etc.)
  • There are secrets in the game and we ask that you not spoil 'em in your review (if you find 'em).  

To participate, just preorder Most Wanted here by June 18

It’s first come, first serve, and it's the honor system. We hope you help make this experiment work. It'll be more fun for everyone if it does, and we’ll do it again in the future.


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