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NorthStar announces rebranding and a new direction

After almost 20 years of publishing board games, we’re changing our look and sharpening our focus. We’re adapting and ensuring we’re better placed to continue making the games we’re passionate about and that you’ll be playing for years to come.

We will now release games under the name NorthStar Game Studio reflecting our focus on finely crafted game design. We also collaborated with the talented team at Quillsilver Studio, to create a new brand logo to encapsulate this.

NorthStar Game Studio Logo

Over the years we’ve published exciting, award-winning titles catering to a wide variety of players - everything from party games to kid games to family games to digital apps. I love all types of games, but we were too small to be everything to everyone.

We needed to streamline our approach. To do this, we've sold the Happy Planet brand designed for Toy & Specialty and licensed worldwide rights to Wits & Wagers and Say Anything to Mattel. We can now focus entirely on board games (cardboard and digital) for hobby gamers. Hopefully, this means you! 

When I started North Star Games, I thought of us as a company that crafted premium board games for all sorts of people. Board games are what united the company's vision. The focus was on crafting games, but not on the relationship with our customers. Somewhere over the years, we’ve lost touch with you. This was a mistake. 

Paint the Roses Board Game

By focusing on one market, we can spend more time crafting new games and build a more interactive relationship with the community. Getting feedback from those who know our games best and publishing titles that you don’t just buy but bring to the table again and again.

On a more personal note, I can now spend more time designing games. My drive to craft great games is as true now as when I founded the company. By combining intuitive, highly replayable experiences with the best art and components, we’ll build worlds you want to explore.

- Dominic Crapuchettes, Founder and President

Dominic Crapuchettes


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