Oceans Playtesting Files Open to Everyone November 13 2018, 10 Comments

Two weeks ago, we made a call to get playtesters for the next game in the Evolution series, Oceans.  Our plan was to get 100 dedicated playtesters.  To our surprise we received over 1,200 submissions!  Wow. Thank you for your excitement. We feel honored (and a bit daunted).  

The submissions were as diverse as the colors in Catherine Hamilton's Reef...

...so instead of turning away a thousand enthusiastic people, we're making the PnP files and the Tabletop Simulator game available to everyone.  We don't want you to wait until September 2019 to play Oceans (while others talk excitedly about their experiences on social media).

Print & Play and Tabletop Simulator

There are two ways to play:

  1. Download the Print & Play files and make a prototype.
  2. Play on Tabletop Simulator 

All of the details are available here. We're excited for you to start exploring the interconnected mysteries of the Ocean and what lies below...


Have fun exploring!  You never know what you might find. 

Dominic (squidhead) Crapuchettes


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