Four years ago, we raised a bunch of money to make a video game version of our hit strategy game Evolution. Evolution is a super-thematic game where you evolve species by giving them traits, to help them adapt and survive in an ever-changing ecosystem: 

We've had 5 people working full time on the video game for these last 4 years. That may sound like overkill, but there's a reason: our goal is to make the best digital board game on Earth. The project's a failure if we don't blow the doors off. 

The game has launched today (worldwide on Steam, iOS, and Android), and we're certain we hit our mark (we delayed this launch like 5 times to make sure of it).

Wise readers will be (and should be) skeptical of such claims, because companies crow so much about how awesome they are, even when they aren't.

So, to induce you to see for yourself, we're giving away 1000 copies of the Evolution board game to people who try the video game ($40,000 of games).

How The 1000 Game Giveaway works: 

Every day for the next 100 days, we'll randomly select 10 winners from everyone who played an online game that day. It's free to enter on iOS and Android. Just download Evolution (free-to-try in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store), make an in-game account with an email address, and play an online match each day. We'll select new winners daily from those who play an online match each day. Winners cover the cost of shipping. You'll find more details about the giveaway here.

Download Details 

It's available in English on PC and Mac via Steam for $14.99. It's also available as free-to-try on iOS and Android with a full version available for $9.99 as a one time purchase. Those who purchase the game in the first week will receive a 20% launch sale discount.

Game Details

While Evolution’s digital adaptation is loyal to the original board game, it has also done some evolving of its own. Stunning new artwork, animated cards, lush environments, distinct enemy A.I. Bosses, and a new campaign mode are just a sample of the new features exclusive to the digital edition.

Playing against human opponents from around the world provides its own thrill in fast-paced games. Cross-platform multiplayer provides a deep pool of players to battle wits with, and skill-based matchmaking encourages healthy competition.Evolution’s digital form has been crafted to play as fast as possible, so matches generally last less than ten minutes.

Check out our launch day activities

We're streaming all day today on our Twitch channel. In conjunction, we're running a funding drive for Stack Up, a military charity that delivers care packages of video games and nerd stuff to deployed troops, military hospitals, and stateside bases. You'll find a donation link on our Twitch channel and you can read more about it here

In addition, we'll be posting like fools throughout the day on our social media channels. For all that follow us on Twitter and Facebook or visit the official website.

Thanks all. It's been a long journey and we couldn't have pulled this off without the enormous help many of you given during this project. 


  • Daniel H.: June 13, 2019

    I’ve downloaded the game recently and since the new update to the mobile app. I haven’t been able to play. As a game is ready to load the app shuts down and I need to restart the app again. I have tried to unistall and reinstall the game. Also tried lowering the graphics to see if that help, with no success. Are there going to be any updates to fix the most recent one just added??

  • Jason: April 19, 2019

    The art is simply amazing. I’ve heard so many good things about Evolutuon. After seeing the Brothers Murph play this on Twitch and hearing how highly they recommend this game I will definitely be adding this to my collection at some point. Congratulations on creating such an awesome experience for us.

  • ldp: March 01, 2019

    I’ve had problems, too, JavaRhos. The app starts to load, then nothing. I immediately contacted customer service and have yet to hear a peep. Meanwhile, this precludes me from participating. I’ve always wanted to play the board game. — ldp

  • Willem: February 17, 2019

    Lovely game! It’s a shame however that shipping costs from the North Star Games shop to mainland Europe are $58.87.
    Thus it’s not very useful to open up the competition to Europeans. Anyway, thanks for building the digital version.

  • JavaRhos: February 15, 2019

    I want to win so bad! I have been playing the new app every day for almost a week now and have yet to be able to complete an online match due to issues/bugs. Has anyone else had this problem?
    PS I really like the app game!

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