• The food numbers on the cards were reduced. This was done to improve the experiences of first-time players. New players often play the highest food card in their hand. This is usually a weak play, and it also leads to newbie games where there's never a shortage of food. The lower food numbers of 2nd Edition don't have any noticeable effect when experienced players play the game.

Trait Cards

  • Fat Tissue - food on Fat Tissue will always score. This can happen when the species dies, when the trait is traded out, or at the end of the game.
  • Foraging now triggers anytime the species eats Plant Food from the Watering Hole or the Food Bank. This gives the card increased synergies with Intelligence, Long Neck, Burrowing and Cooperation.
  • Pack Hunting no longer gives a +3 to Body Size when attacking. Instead, you add the species Population to Body Size when determining if you can attack another species. This makes the card more dynamic, more thematic, less powerful on the first turn (which is good), and more powerful later in the game when it is less game changing.  It now synergizes with Fertile and Population.
  • Hard Shell now boosts the Body Size on defense by +4 instead of +3. This helps offset the increase in power of late game Pack Hunting and brings the power of the card more in line with the other traits.
  • Fertile only works if there is food on the Watering Hole from the previous round. Fertile was the most powerful card in first edition and this change brings it more line with the other traits.
  • Intelligence can now be used by Non-Carnivores before the first player feeds, and multiple times in a row if wanted. This creates synergies with Foraging, Cooperation, Fat Tissue and Burrowing.


  • Different background art for some cards - some cards had better background art than others in first edition. Now the backgrounds are uniformly excellent.
  • Better graphic design for watering hole - we altering the watering hole graphics to make it easier to see food on the watering hole, and to make the watering hole more beautiful.