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Evolution is an award-winning board game where 2 6 players adapt species in an ever changing ecosystem with hungry predators and limited resources. 

Create your very own species with over 12,000 different trait combinations to explore. Your choices will make every game of Evolution unique.
Adapt your species, playing new traits, like Hard Shell to protect your creations from Carnivores, or Long Neck to help them get food that others cannot reach.
Survive a constantly changing ecosystem, where the only winning strategy is to adapt to your surroundings and stay one step ahead of your friends.

Evolution is in the top 1% of all games ranked on popular tabletop site Board Game Geek.

Evolution has been used in the evolutionary biology department at the University of Oxford and featured in the world's leading scientific journal, Nature.

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Game Details: Age 12+ | 2-6 Players | Playtime 60 mins

Game Contents: 129 Trait Cards (17 Carnivore Trait Cards, 7 of Each Other Trait Card), 20 Species Boards, 40 Wooden Markers, 144 Food Tokens, 12 Ten Value Food Tokens, 1 Watering Hole Board, 6 Food Screens, 1 Dino Starter Token , 2 Player Aids, 1 Rulebook

Explore Evolution

Experience a Shared Ecosystem
Evolution takes place in a dynamic connected world, where food is scarce, and predators roam.

Create Your Own Species:
Using an easy-to-learn, but intricate game system, players use trait cards to create and adapt species.

Strategic Gameplay:
Species can become carnivores or gain defensive traits to avoid being prey.With multiple paths to victory, every game is unique and the only winning strategy is to adapt to the ecosystem.

Amazing Replayability:
With traits that combine to create over 12,000 different species, each game offers a new ecosystem to explore

Great for Game Night:
Featuring eye-catching art and playtime of around 60 minutes, Evolution is ideal for your next game night.

Additional Resources

How to Play

Need to learn the rules before your first game? We've put together a handy page of videos to have you playing in no time.

Watch here

Go Digital

Enjoy Evolution at home or on the go. Featuring a campaign mode, cross-platform multiplayer and more. Play now on Steam, Switch, or mobile.

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