We're Becoming Laser Focused

We used to create games for several vastly different types of customers; for moms & dads too busy to read rules while trying to raising kids, for families with tweens, and for hobby gamers who want an immersive experience. The needs of each of these segments are completely different.

We used to service four different sales channels. This meant juggling between four different sets of reviewers, sales contacts, marketing tools, and messages. It was too much. I love all types of games, but we were too small to be everything to everyone - we were a modern day tower of Babel story.

Tower of Babel

Customer Centric instead of Product Centric 

When I started North Star Games, I thought of us as a company that crafted premium board games for all sorts of people. Board games is what united the company vision. The focus was on crafting premium games, not on the relationship with our customers. This was a mistake. 

What is Changing?

We used to service three different set of customers through four different sales channels:

  1. Mass market
  2. Toy & Specialty
  3. Hobby Game Stores
  4. Digital (Steam, iOS, Android, and Switch)

No longer! We've sold the Happy Planet brand designed for Toy & Specialty, and we're working on a licensing deal for the worldwide rights to Wits & Wagers and Say Anything (sold in Mass). This means we can focus entirely on board games (cardboard and digital) for hobby gamers. Hopefully this means you! These changes will allow us to build a more interactive relationship with our fans.

What Games Excite You?

Let us know what games excited you by taking this poll, and you'll be entered into a raffle for any game on our website. 


We want your feedback...
to help shape
our sketchy ideas
 into wonderous works of art.

Want to Get More Involved?

Click on the link below to apply to become an official NorthStar playtester.  We're currently looking for people to playtest a solo version of Oceans, and afterwards, a "secret" game in the pipeline.

What's Next?

Paint the Roses is a self-balancing cooperative deduction game set in the world of Alice in Wonderland. Self-balancing? Yes. The system is designed to make every game delightfully challenging regardless of your team's skill level, without having to modify the setup. The goal is to decorate the royal garden according to the changing whims of the Queen without getting beheaded. The Kickstarter campaign is expected to go live in late summer. 

Product Centric Marketing

One benefit of choosing hobby gamers as our core customer is a large part of our marketing becomes releasing new products. This means I will be able to spend more time designing games - and that's exactly the reason I started North Star Games nearly 2 decades ago. I can't wait!  

~ Dominic Crapuchettes

Here's to a beautiful future! 



  • Dominic Crapuchettes: May 03, 2021

    Hi Mark – Nature will not be compatible with Evolution. I was not able to keep them compatible while still fixing the issues that I wanted to address. It’s unfortunate, but the new game will be worth it. My excitement to create new expansions has been rekindled.

  • Mark Ehlke: May 03, 2021

    Is the plan to make Nature compatible with the existing Evolution expansions, or redesign and re-release them?

  • Dominic Crapuchettes: April 28, 2021

    Hi Nikki! Nice to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well. Would be fun to catch up if you/we ever make it to GenCon again.

  • Nikki Marino: April 27, 2021

    Sounds like some great things in the works! There are lots of fans out there who are likely as excited as I am to see what comes from North Star next.

  • Jeremy Likens: April 27, 2021

    Exciting news! Good luck! I know you’ve been designing a meatier heavier board game for a while too. Hopefully this means we’ll get to finally see it!

  • Thomas Knight: April 23, 2021

    Sounds good- I love your games and look forward to many more amazing games from you in future!

  • Alessio Sgobio: April 23, 2021

    Dear Dom, I wish you all the best for this metamorphosis! You did a great job with the Evolution series, i am sure you will keep surprising us! Looking forward to see what is coming out this cocoon! Best wishes!

  • Dominic Crapuchettes: April 23, 2021

    Thanks for the words of encouragement – Heather, Art, and James. :-)

  • Art Vinokur: April 23, 2021

    Best of luck on this exciting new chapter, folks!

  • James Propis: April 23, 2021

    Congrats on the ‘evolution’ of North Star, Dom! Looking forward to seeing the next-generation games.

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