Nature -- Work in progress game art


Base Game: 1-4 Players | Ages 9+ | 30-45 mins

With Modules: Ages 11+ | 60-90 mins

In Development - Kickstarter 2024 | Retail 2025

Experience a dynamic ecosystem where food is scarce and predators lurk. Adapt your species with traits like Fast to evade predators, Nesting to grow population, or Climbing to reach fruit high in the canopy.

Welcome to Nature, where every game brings new worlds to explore!

The Nature Game System

Nature is a modular game system that allows you to build and explore a unique ecosystem each time you play. Adding a module is easy, with setup taking less than a minute.

Modules add new traits and mechanics, changing the core game. Add the Jurassic module to experience a world of giants or Natural Disasters for jaw-dropping events.

Mix and match modules and create the perfect ecosystem for your game night.

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Nature launches on Kickstarter later this year, with both physical and digital versions, but you can play Nature early!

Explore the Nature game system, with the Flight, Jurassic, Rainforest, Arctic Tundra and Natural Disaster modules available to try.

The digital app game, is in development and available to try on iOS and Android.

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