Nature -- Work in progress game art

Work in progress Nature box art - Coming 2024

The Nature Game System

Base Game: 1-5 Players | Ages 9+ | 30-45 mins

With Modules: Ages 11+ | 60-120 mins

In Development - Crowdfunding 2024 | Retail 2025

With over 10 years of experience designing games in the Evolution series, we have refined the core concept.

In Nature, players adapt species to survive in an ever-changing ecosystem where food is scarce and predators lurk, but this is just the beginning…

Nature is a modular game system that allows players to expand and customize the ecosystem. The different modules work seamlessly together, take 5 minutes or less to setup and teach, and increase the length and depth of the game.

Like dinosaurs? Add the Jurassic module. Want to experience a brutal ice age? Add Climate. Need a safe haven from dinosaurs? Add Flight and Jurassic!

The mix of modules you choose provides a unique ecosystem to explore. Welcome to the beauty and diversity of Nature!

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Experience Nature for Yourself

There is already a world of Nature to explore.

The Jurassic, Flight, and Rainforest modules are available to try now. The Natural Disasters, Tundra, Elephant Graveyard, and Climate modules will be available soon.

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