Nature is Calling 

In the wilds of Nepal, animals flock to the nearest watering hole... 

This illustration is a work in progress.


While these lands offer abundance for the species that visit, dangers lurk in the shadows…

This illustration is a work in progress.

From the publishers of the award-winning Evolution series comes a brand new expandable game system, Nature, where players create and adapt species in an ecosystem that changes as they play.

Encounter social animals that work together to survive,

This illustration is a work in progress.


Predators that prefer to hunt alone,

This illustration is a work in progress.


And species fast enough to avoid danger.

This illustration is a work in progress.


Understanding Nature

With over 10 years of experience designing games in the Evolution series, we have refined the core concept. Nature is quicker to set up, easier to teach, highly interactive, and provides a gentle experience to new players even when their species are targeted by predators.

In Nature, players adapt species to survive in an ever-changing ecosystem where food is scarce and predators lurk. The core game plays in 30-45 minutes and features 10 impactful traits that provide an intuitive, highly replayable experience.

This illustration is a work in progress.

This is just the beginning of our bold vision... 


Customize Nature

The Nature game system is highly customizable and every expansion is seamlessly compatible. Combine them to explore a unique world each time you play.

Do you like dinosaurs? Add the Jurassic expansion. Do you want to experience these giants in a brutal ice age? Add the Climate expansion. Do you want a safe haven from aggression? Add Flight so your species can soar to a far away place that's safe from Disease and predators!

There will be barren Deserts, lush Rainforests, homo sapiens with powerful Paleolithic era tools, and even Natural Disasters if you want to be reminded of your insignificance.

Every expansion takes less than 5 minutes to setup and explain. The mix of expansions you choose will determine the length and complexity of the game.

Welcome to the beauty and diversity of Nature!

Nature:            1 - 5 players, Ages 9+, 30 - 45 min
Expansions:   +15 - 30 min per expansion



Seeing Nature

The art for Nature is still in development, but we wanted to share an early behind-the-scenes look at some of the work in progress.

These illustrations are a work in progress.

In the core game of Nature, each trait card features endangered wildlife indigenous to South Asia and Indochina, brought to life in incredible detail by Catherine Hamilton, the world-renown nature artist who painted for our previous games Evolution and Oceans

Vincent Dutrait is lined up to illustrate the Rainforest and Jurassic expansions, and we are in discussions with other incredible artists for the rest.

These illustrations are works in progress.Every illustration we've revealed is a work in progress. The final product will be spectacular! 


Experience Nature for Yourself

With design goals this big, we need your help! 

Nature and two expansions, Jurassic and Flight, are ready to try, but with many more in development, we need your help to test all of the combinations.

Join us on this journey! Sign up as a NorthStar Game Taster to try our games before they're published, and become part our vibrant playtesting community.

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Dominic Crapuchettes
Founder and Lead Designers



  • Danielle Brennan: March 05, 2024

    I am really excited about Nature. The design of Evolution, Climate, Oceans was so well done with realistic adaptations of the species that I use them in my classroom at times in small groups. Thank you. Keep on creating. I can’t wait for the release!

  • Ryan: November 10, 2023

    So excited for this!! I’ve been seeing this month as the Kickstarter launch date. Is that the case?

  • Alicia Billman: July 05, 2023

    Our family LOVES Evolution and Oceans. We are so excited this one is coming out!!!!

  • Dominic Crapuchettes: June 21, 2023

    I’m glad you’re excited. We haven’t decided upon a Kickstarter date yet. There is still a lot to do to get everything ready. But our hope is to launch Nature and several expansions at GenCon 2024.

  • Theobrom: June 20, 2023

    Amazing ! Thanks a lot for sharing Dominic!

    Can’t wait to be able to test it and for the kickstarter to open to get all the expansions along with the game!

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