This is the third post in a series about our upcoming Alice-in-Wonderland-themed game Paint the Roses.

As we design components for Paint the Roses, we hope readers can help us get one key component right: a sculpted Queen of Hearts who spends the game trying to behead you. We want to make her wonderful. Here's what she currently looks like:

She's 2.5 inches tall, and gets taller as the game progresses, by stacking risers under her, so she gets more imposing:

Why is the Queen important?

Paint the Roses is a cooperative game where you try to deduce the Queen’s whims, so you can plant her roses correctly, so you can keep your head.

The board is a garden, where you place tiles representing rose bushes. Surrounding it is a scoring track, where you get points for planting those bushes. Here's what it looks like, with an older, standee version of the Queen:

The Queen spends the game on the scoring track, chasing your scoring markers. You lose if she catches up to them. As the game goes on and she gets taller, she accelerates, which represents her growing desire to behead you. So if you want to win, your scoring must accelerate too.

To help us make the Queen great, answer the following questions:

Paint the Roses will launch on Kickstarter in 2020. To be alerted to new blog posts and the Kickstarter's launch via email, sign up here.

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