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Create planets filled with stunning landscapes! Biomos is an easy-to-learn, fun, and addictive puzzle for 1-4 players. 

Players draft terrain tokens (sea, ice, forest, mountain, and desert) and choose where to put them on their planet board. Race to complete specific terrain patterns and claim biome cards, representing new life on the planet and points.

Solve the puzzle of life in Biomos, with not just one, but three different game modes. Each mode presents a unique challenge, all leading to one ambitious goal: Develop the most biodiverse planet!

Game Details: Age 8+ | 1-4 Players | Playtime 20 minutes

Game Contents: 4 Planet Boards, 30 Basic Biome Cards, 9 Giant Biome Cards, 1 Black Hole Card, 60 Terrain Tokens, 1 Cosmic Pouch.


Fast Fun Gameplay

Set up and play in just 20 minutes. Biomos is the perfect cozy puzzle game.

Endlessly Replayable

Choose your terrain and create new planets in this pleasingly tactile puzzle.

Three Different Ways to Play

Enjoy three different game modes including a family and solo mode.

Addictive Puzzle

Biomos is an easy to learn, fun and addictive puzzle game. Add and move terrain around your planet as you terraform it for life.

Create Biodiverse Planets

Family & Solo Modes

The Family mode features streamlined gameplay for newer players and the Solo mode puts your planet up against a Black Hole!

Award Worthy

With over 50,000 plays on Board Game Arena, Biomos has been nominated for two 'Game of the Year" categories, as well as winning the prestigious FLIP 2023 Trophy in the green-game category in France.