Say Anything

Ages: 13+   |   NSG-200   |   Players: 3-8   |  

This game has been discontinued.  Check out its replacement Say Anything 10th Anniversary!

Say Anything is the hilarious “get to know you” party game about what you and your friends think. “What’s the worst thing to say to a cop after being pulled over?” Be creative. Be outrageous. Be opinionated. This is your chance to say anything!

How to Play

  1. You read a question.
  2. Everyone else writes an answer.
  3. Secretly choose your favorite answer. Then everyone else tries to guess which one you picked!
Contents: 80 Question Cards, 8 Dry-erase Pens, 8 Dry-erase Boards, 1 Select-O-Matic 5000, 16 Player Tokens, 1 Dry-erase Score Board, 1 Full Color Rules
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