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The Sacred Valley in Peru is known as “the breadbasket,” where families of farmers grow a diverse variety of crops on terraces, giant steps carved into the mountainside.

Sacred Valley is a tile placement board game for 3-5 players about farming in the mountains of Peru during the Inca Empire. Each player takes on the role of a family of expert farmers who are ready to expand their farmlands and agricultural knowledge.

Hire specialists, develop technology, and diversify your crops. Will your family become the best farmers in the valley?

Game Details: Age 8+ | 3-5 Players | Playtime 60 minutes

Game Contents: 60 Seed Tiles, 48 Camayo Tiles, 20 Farmer Meeples, 20 Technology Cubes, 4 Alpacas, 5 Player Boards, 5 Player Screens, 3D Terraces, 1 Harvest Track, 1 Seed Market, 1 Specialist Market, 2 Terrace Covers, 80 Coins, 1 Bag, 1 Rulebook.


Plant your seeds strategically on shared terraces.


Time your harvests to sell your crops for maximum profit.


Hire specialists, develop technologies and diversify your crops.

Farm Together

Learning to plant other players' crops is crucial to success, but any player can benefit when expanding shared interests.

Journey to Peru

Designed by Jeffrey CCH

Our third title published by designer Jeffrey CCH, creator of Eila and Something Shiny and Inheritors.