Oceans: Legends of the Deep

Oceans returned to Kickstarter in November, successfully funding with over 6,000 backers!

The new campaign features two new expansions, Legends of the Deep and Solo, plus a new stand-alone version Oceans: Legendary Edition, which contains the base game and all the new content in one deluxe box.

If you missed the campaign, Legends of the Deep will be coming to retail later in the year. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.

New to Oceans?

Oceans is an interactive engine-builder based on the natural world, where players create aquatic species, choosing traits and adapting to a continually changing ecosystem where everything is connected.

Legends of the Deep allows you to make major strategic changes, create new powerful combos, and disrupt the stability of the ecosystem. Each card is unique and illustrated by artists from around the world. With so much power at hand, which Legend will you choose?

In the Oceans Solo expansion, you face an automated ecosystem. Explore the depths alone and discover if your species can survive and thrive against the challenges of unknown waters.

Late Pledge Guide

Already own Oceans and want the expansion(s).

If you already own Oceans and want either of two new expansions should pledge at the Solo or Legends of the Deep level. To buy both, simply add-on whichever expansion you didn't select during the pledge process.

Already own Oceans and want all the new content.

If you already own Oceans and want all of the new content should select the Legendary Edition Upgrade Kit. Including the Solo expansion, Legends of the Deep expansion, newly designed box and custom GameTrayz insert.

Don't own Oceans and want everything.

If you are new to the game, the Oceans: Legendary Edition pledge is a standalone board game box that contains everything you need to play. Including the Oceans deluxe core game, all the previously released promo packs, Solo expansion, Legends of the Deep expansion, newly designed box and custom GameTrayz insert.

The Oceans: Legendary Edition All-In pledge contains all the above, plus the 5-6 Player Expansion (deluxe) for the higher player count and complete Oceans box.

Oceans Base Game - Available Now

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