Learn how to play the Oceans board game with these rulebooks and reference guides. Included are links to the digital Oceans rulebook, Oceans Reference Guide Booklet, and a specially created Reference guide to the Deep and Scenario game cards.


Oceans Rules Booklet [PDF]



Oceans Reference Guide Booklet [PDF]


Reference guide to the Deep and Scenario cards [PDF]

In most cases, the card text, rulebook, and the reference booklet printed with the game will clear things up. But the Deep is vast and unknown, and there may still be some situations that require further explanation or clarification. That’s what the "Reference guide to the Deep and Scenario cards" is for. It describes each Deep and Scenario card individually, including promo cards. 

If you still have any questions that aren’t covered, you can ask on the Oceans forums at BoardGameGeek or on the North Star Games Discord server.