We've come to appreciate the value of doofiness, and that, in turn, has inspired us to explore other doofy game ideas. 

In the course of our exploration, we found a game of such profound, undiluted doofiness that we feel we have no choice but to publish it (possibly against our better judgement). I'm writing today with a sneak preview. 

We just finished designing the packaging, and it makes us proud, so this preview will consist of teasing you with the packaging without telling you much about the game.

Except this: it consists entirely of saying the word "dude" over and over again. 

The game is called dude. 

Here's the front of the box:

Here's the back:

Oh, and we're going all-in: we're making a second probably-ill-advised game about the same thing, at the same time. It's called more dude.

Not only that, but the good people at Target are going all-in with us: both games will be available on Target shelves nationally starting on August 1st.

We're not sure what you're supposed to do with this information. Maybe just enjoy the fact that we live in a world so prosperous we can spend significant time and effort making not one but two games about saying dude over and over and over and over. 

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  • Wendy Wilkins: July 27, 2022


  • Duderino: July 27, 2022

    C’mon doods- seriously, duuude?!. ✌

  • Derek: August 17, 2021

    It the name of the dude, let’s gather at dudeland to do whatever in support of dudeism.


  • Bubba joe: April 23, 2021

    Dude. DUDE. DU U U UDE.

    DyoooDe – Where’s the “One more Dude” pack?

    Seriously, my dood.

    Please tell a dude how to acquire this piece of wonderment.

    Sincerely, dude, don’t leave a dude hangin’


  • Not Jeff Lebowski: December 24, 2018

    Far out, man.

  • Matt Winans : August 22, 2018


  • wolfkin: July 31, 2018


  • Da Fino: July 24, 2018


  • dude: July 17, 2018


  • Dan: March 20, 2018


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