Following the North Star

Got an interesting city idea for Most Wanted? October 02 2018, 0 Comments

Have an idea for a city we didn't include?  Here are some tips on how to mix Action Cards.  If you've come up with a unique combination of Action Cards that you enjoy playing with, share it with others by leaving a comment!

Has a new game genre formed under our noses? July 30 2018, 1 Comment

There was a time, let’s call it “the early 2000s”, when there was a sharp distinction between party games and strategy games. That's no longer true. A new kind of game has evolved that spans the gap.

We're turning our fans into reviewers, and you can get a game of ours months before it's published June 12 2018, 8 Comments

Reviewers get to have all the fun, so we're turning our fans into reviewers. If you might want to get a pre-release game before it's published and review it, read on.

Most Wanted: a game that does for Poker what King of Tokyo does for Yahtzee April 11 2018, 1 Comment

Sometimes two old ideas can combine to make a brand new one. There’s a strange alchemical magic in it. A good example is King of Tokyo, which combines Yahtzee with Kaiju. Now we have a game like that. It's called Most Wanted, which combines Poker with Old West outlaw shenanigans.